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Bamboo Dock

Download Bamboo Dock

Discover apps made for your Bamboo

Your Dock download should automatically start within seconds. If it doesn't, restart the download for Windows or Mac.



Use the ExpressKey on your Bamboo Pen & Touch or Bamboo Fun to start Bamboo Dock.



Start exploring the collection of Bamboo apps included with your Bamboo dock to get you started.


Find your favorite Bamboo apps

Select "Add items" in your Dock to find a collection of Bamboo apps to choose from.


Get started by downloading your Bamboo dock
Your Bamboo dock, once installed, remains on your desktop and is ready to go whenever you are. It's easy, convenient and fun.

A selection of apps is included with your Bamboo dock to get you started.
Once installed, you can add apps in two different ways: 1) Via the Bamboo App web-page or 2) Via the Bamboo dock itself using the "Add Items" icon.

The selection and loading process is simple and fast. You only load what looks fun or interesting to you. Once your apps are loaded the fun begins.
Your dock will automatically notify you when new apps are available for download. You can also use your dock to launch shortcuts to get to your favorite software applications and Bamboo settings.
The dock shows colorful icons for each App and shortcut so they are easy to find and launch.

Your Bamboo pen will unlock the excitement of the Bamboo dock. Wherever you see instructions like "Draw to Open", "Draw to Scroll", "Draw to Install", or "Draw to Hide" simply use a stroke of your Bamboo pen. It's a fun way to use your Bamboo everyday.

What is Bamboo Dock?

Bamboo Dock is a cross platform desktop application allowing you to publish your apps based on the Adobe Flash Platform to a large community of creative users.